HYP Giveaway Announcement #1 | Website + Brand Launch


If you’re reading this you’re probably interested to know if you won the first giveaway during my website + brand launch. Like most people you’ll prolly skim through to see who won and if it wasn’t you you’ll click away, but wait just a minute girlfriend.

I am SO glad you are here right now, for sharing and supporting me through this journey. Even if we are best friends, acquaintances or we’ve never met (hopefully one day we will) I want to specifically say thank you, you are so wonderful!

I’m so excited to have partnered with Kendle from NeonLoveStory for this giveaway, 10% of her profits goes toward a non profit organization to fight against human trafficking. Y’all she is changing lives – she’s the real MVP – and I wanted to really support her small business because of the fact that she is awesome. I’ve known Kendle for several years, her dad and my mom went to high school together, her uncle was one of my first swim coaches and I went to high school with her brother and one of her cousins. So it was great to connect and work with Kendle through this launch…if you’re still reading, stick around because there will be another giveaway with Kendle this week (hint, hint).

So finally, what you’ve all been waiting for………………..THE WINNER OF THE FIRST GIVEAWAY IS: Monica Ballard!

Please send me your address in a message on Instagram! YAYYYY!!

Please stick around all week there will be plenty more giveaways to be apart of, and again – THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!


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