Kim and Travis Uptown Charlotte Spring Engagement Session


Kim and Travis’ uptown Charlotte engagement session was full of laughs and genuinity. It’s becoming more and more real to me, the more people I meet, just how many people live in Charlotte who aren’t actually from here. When I tell people I was born and raised right outside the city they’re actually surprised that I’m still here in my late twenties.

Kim is originally from Pennsylvania and moved down to the south to attend Clemson University and Travis is from Connecticut. They initially met after college through mutual friends who asked them to play a softball game. Sparks didn’t fly until a year later when they met again in a lacrosse league.

Four years later they’re now engaged and still living in Charlotte. Uptown Charlotte was the perfect choice for their engagement session since this is they city they met, will get married and plan to live. I am so excited for their fall wedding at Whitehead Manor, it’s going to be sweet and joyful!

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